Powerfully Powerless is a concept/brand created by me, Destiny A. Mowadeng, as a result of a conversation with a fellow Trauma Recovery Coach surrounding my trauma and the effects of being abused while also living with a disability. Everything is literally a double-edged sword where two truths/realities exist but a clear lie isn’t always present.


People with Spina Bifida use wheelchairs. TRUE.

People with Spina Bifida walk using mobility aides. TRUE.

People with Spina Bifida experience Hydrocephalus and/or Chiari malformation. TRUE.

People with Spina Bifida have bowel and bladder control issues. TRUE.

While all of the above statements are true they are also false. People with Spina Bifida do deal with any number of the above listed and more but NOT all people with Spina Bifida deal with ALL of them. Think about it…I mean really think about that!

Powerfully Powerless aim is to create content, spread awareness, and support others by shining a light on issues faced by disabled people who struggle with a mental health issue and/or Trauma. I am well aware that disability can and does play part in such areas often causing subtle differences in how these present themselves and are handled when seeking support.

As a person with a disability who has been abused multiple ways, its become my passion to create an accessible safe space to help others like myself heal and deal with effects of Trauma. My practice will be in Second Life where some abilities given to us as disabled people will help me help you in your journey of healing.

Please explore the website as it has many pages including my blog called Perspectives: Disability & Trauma which is a combination of my knowledge, perspectives and personal experiences. This site has been designed by me with consideration to my own sensory needs and how those play part in the way I best consume and present information as well as how sensory input affects my mental health including anxiety. I have also taken into account many things such as alternate formats like large print which I also require personally so though-out the website you will notice those things as well as a translator provided at the bottom of this page.

Please be aware that emotional safety during the exploration of this website has been considered and is very important. This site is best navigated in the order the menu takes you. There have been many educational and crisis support resources listed should anyone be in immediate need of either so know they have been provided even if at this moment you do not need them. Each page can be visited separately. They are not linked in any way so the site can be completely explored safely in whatever way that you need to.

REMEMBER Trauma in any form including abuse doesn’t discriminate! It DOES happen to disabled people!!